Tours for Egyptians.

Bahariya Oasis (Western desert)


Day 1



LET OUR SAFARI BEGIN:  Leaving Cairo behind, we start a 350-km off road safari to Bahariya Oasis. THE DESERT!Known as the Sahara and covering over 95 % of Egypt, it’s really a multi-faceted environment, unique and rarely visited. Finally BAHARIYA, home of theValley of the Golden Mummies.* Overnight Hotel (L, D).

Day 2



Today we will tour the city, have lunch. Visit the museum, the funerary temple of Baouiti, the tombs of Bonnentoui & Zed Amoun El Ankh, the temple of Alexander the great, tombs of the nobles and the English mountain. Later We enjoy bathing in the hot waters of the spring.
* Overnight Hotel (L, D).

Day 3



BAHARIYAand DESERT DAY! We’ll plunge deep into the desert again! The Black Desert and its volcanic remains; the White Desert and its unusual limestone formations; Crystal Mountain. Unique oases, mummies, Roman ghost towns and pottery: the day will make the desert come alive as no book or video could ever do! At sunset we explore the formations that resemble the surface of a different planet. Overnight hotel


Day 4



After Breakfast, we walk the palm groves, after lunch, we head back to Cairo






Day Tour

Visit you country, visit Cairo the capital


Day tour:

Meet in the early morning in a selected meeting place in Cairo to begin our Cairo day tour by enjoying our oriental breakfast sandwiches on our way to the Pyramids Area to visit the great pyramids by the horse carriages then we visit the Sphinx, drive direct to the Egyptian Museum, back to our selected meeting place.



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